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Harvest Updates from Iowa Corn Leaders – Wed., Oct. 23, 2013

Posted on October 23, 2013 at 11:46 AM by Iowa Corn

Don Hunerdosse of Milo is combining corn today. He has more than half of his corn yet to harvest but says yields are well above what he expected.

“The yields are unbelievable considering the year of challenges we had throughout the growing season,” Hunerdosse says. “Moisture on the corn is still up in the range of 19 to 20 percent.”
Soybean yields were not as good.

“There have been some soybean yields that have been lower than expected where timely rains did not fall,” he adds.
He credits his Draper head in helping with soybean harvest.

“The  Draper head doesn’t tangle the soybeans before they run through the combine. It helped us harvest more soybeans,” he says.  “It is easy to run and very low maintenance.”
Hunerdosse hasn’t had any breakdowns throughout the season and hopes to continue to have good luck throughout the rest of harvest.

Kevin Rempp of Montezuma in Poweshiek County is done harvesting soybeans.
Soybean yields were lower than they hoped due to the poor growing conditions throughout the year.

The family is still harvesting corn but should be done early next week.  
“Corn moisture levels have been fairly good in the 17 to 18 percent range and yields have been good,” Rempp says.

While they’ve waited for some corn to dry down, he has been busy working on some waterways.  
“We’ll have plenty to keep us busy until winter arrives,” Rempp says.

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