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Kevin & Sara Ross Are Proud Farmers, Helping America's Food Supply

Posted on October 16, 2013 at 8:30 AM by Iowa Corn

Kevin and Sara Ross raise corn, soybeans and have a cow-calf operation in Pottawattamie County.  Kevin and Sara represent the sixth generation to farm the land that they live on outside of Minden, Iowa. They have two young children.

Kevin started farming when he was a sophomore in college and has had cattle since he was a teenager. Sara grew up in rural Nebraska but not on a farm. Her parents own an insurance business where she works. In addition, since being married, Sara works on the farm, hauling grain out of the field and helping with the livestock.

Kevin and Sara Ross believe in advocating agriculture and promoting the industry. At age 31, Kevin was one
of the youngest farmers to take the role as president of the Iowa Corn Growers Association. He also serves on National Corn Growers Association board. Kevin has had the opportunity to visit several countries on trade mission trips around the world and meet with international corn customers firsthand.

Since 2011, Sara has been a volunteer for CommonGround Iowa, which is a program of farm women who share information about farming and food through social media. Sara uses her blog to share her everyday life on the farm with anyone wanting more information about how their food gets to the table.

“I’m proud to grow corn and soybeans,” Kevin says. “In Iowa, we’re lucky to have the environment, markets, and infrastructure to produce such a high-yielding crop.”

Kevin believes that one of the common misconceptions consumers tend to have is that the food supply isn't always safe to eat.

“Our food supply is very safe. We feed it to our own families,” Kevin says. “Plus, we want to take care of our land so we can pass it on to our own children.”

Visit Sara’s blog at or follow her on Twitter at @sarashousehd

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