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A Challenge for Today's Multifaceted Farmers: Take on Another Role

Posted on August 29, 2013 at 11:00 AM by Iowa Corn

Mark Mueller is a fourth generation farmer near Waverly, Iowa.  His production has included corn, tofu and seed soybeans, rye grain, azuki beans, alfalfa and silage corn. He has worked for seed companies, served as president of the Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm Association and hosted Iowa Learning Farms no-till field days.  Mark is a member of the Iowa Corn Growers Association and serves on the animal ag and environment committee.   As a fourth-generation caretaker of the land, Mueller recognizes his obligation to protect the soil and water for those that will one day follow in his footsteps.
Mueller realizes he doesn't have to master every discipline required to farm but he would like to be pretty good at most of them.  Mueller’s solution is for farmers to educate those around us, which can take several forms.  He has hosted international visitors and local grade school students.  Mueller explains that there is no shortage of opportunities for farmers to speak with people who don’t have any exposure to farming.  Teacher is another skill set that farmers can add to the list! 

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