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Faith, Family, and Farming

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 8:00 AM by Iowa Corn

I recently had the chance to meet Donna Seehusen, a true American farmer’s wife with a caring heart and drive to work hard.  She is married to Ray Seehusen who is a member of the Iowa Corn Growers Association. They live near Pocahontas, Iowa. Along with corn, they raise soybeans, a few cattle and show sheep at the Pocahontas County Fair.

Donna grew up west of Palmer on a small farm and attended Palmer High School. She went to Iowa Central Community College. Ray and Donna were high school sweethearts and after college got married and started farming near Pocahontas.

Donna’s day-to-day work consists of feeding her family, housework, driving the grain cart during harvest, and being involved in the community. Donna is a Character Counts Coordinator, 4-H leader of Guys and Gals of Grant, Ag in the Classroom Coordinator, Faith Club Coordinator at Faith Lutheran in Palmer, and Northwest Iowa Down Syndrome Society Board Member. On top of that she works as a legal secretary for Crotty and Fitzgerald Law Office in Pocahontas.

Seehusen gets through her busy days using her faith in God. Farming has been part of her whole life.

“Part of being a good farm wife is being encouraging and respectful of your spouse, showing support when they need it, especially in challenging times,” she says. She spoke that with true confidence on June 26th when they had soybeans yet to plant. 

Ray and Donna have four daughters- Sarah, Nikki, Hannah, Mary and a son Peter, a son-in-law Grant Stephas, and a granddaughter Sophie. She believes it is important to  invest in the next generation to have Iowa agriculture flourish in the future. Their son Peter graduated from Northwestern in St. Paul Minnesota and has recently started farming near Pocahontas as well.
During the good times and the tough times, Donna is a great example of an American farmer’s wife. She raises her kids with integrity, is involved in the local community, and puts God first above all else.

Kate Sennert is the Communications Intern for Iowa Corn. She will be working on social media, blogging, attending booth/trade shows, and is doing a comprehensive state-wide farmer interview series this summer. She grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa where her dad raised hogs, cattle, corn and soybeans. She attends Iowa State University and will be a senior in the fall. She is seeking a degree in Agriculture Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies.

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