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An Intern's View of the Iowa Corn Indy 250!

Posted on July 24, 2013 at 8:00 AM by Iowa Corn

This blog is all about not only an Intern life, but also the awesome experience I had on June 23rd 2013.

Race day was finally here. This long awaited event had come around, again. To be honest, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect! The part I was really excited about was my full credentials. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but it sounded cool and I got a fancy lanyard.

6:45 a.m.
Leave Iowa Corn Office
9:00 a.m. 
We arrived to make sure things were in place at the Iowa Corn Hospitality Tent and across the track. Everything was going pretty much according to plan except the minor detail of rain. I’m not sure why we were surprised with rain AGAIN this spring! Thankfully, the rain was quick, and things were somewhat back on schedule.
11:00 a.m.
I attended the media meeting with ESPN, ABC, and even foreign media. I was trying my best to pay attention to everything they were saying. Since I had never been to a race, I didn’t know race lingo such as- do this at turn 2, don’t do this, do this at this time, that sort of thing. The main message was safety. It was a good message, but I walked out of there with my head spinning.
12:00 p.m.
We hustled back to the tent on our golf cart. I then interviewed race fans with my video recorder. I felt like Jay Leno on his segment “Jaywalking” instead I was the one clueless about racing facts. I had a great time meeting people and talking about who was going to win the race and of course the use of ethanol.
12:30 p.m.
We then scurried back to “victory lane” for pre-race pictures. One of our board members was going to be interviewed for T.V. I was just casually waiting to see what would happen next, until I looked up and saw who was being interviewed. Just to preface once again, I do not have much background in racing, but I knew who this guy was. I thought OH MY GOODNESS, that is Rusty Wallace! Unbelievable!

Ryan Reay, Marco Andretti, and E.J. Viso

 12:50 p.m.
After my first taste at being star struck, we were off to the pre-race stage to take pictures. I was pretty excited. I was on the infield with big name race car drivers; I kept thinking to myself, how did I get this opportunity? This only happens once in a lifetime; and I was loving life, taking pictures of popular drivers such as Ryan Hunter-Reay #1, E.J. Viso #5, and my favorite Marco Andretti #25. 

Jamie Little and Marco Andretti
Then I saw Marco Andretti being interviewed by Jamie Little from ESPN! So, I casually walked behind them to take a picture.

Deb Keller and Kevin Rempp were on the track ready to announce the start of the race! I was there ready for a picture or so I thought.  I pulled out my camera to find that it was not only dieing, but the memory was full as well. Knowing that I was now down to my phone to take pictures was concerning. I have an I Phone, but I wasn’t really excited to rely on my phone to capture this event. Just, as I was preparing for this picture a friend called me, wrote on my Facebook page, and I got a text. I guess I made it on national TV behind Jaime Little and Marco Andretti!!! Through the chaos I got a picture.

The communication team met up so we could regroup. It was probably just for me- to make sure the intern was still in one piece physically and emotionally. Then we went back at the Hospitality Tent around lap 125. We were to meet up again at lap 200. I sat down, got something to eat and took in the scenery. It was a beautiful day! Red Iowa Corn shirts all around me, and the sound of Indy cars going 200 mph. I really enjoyed taking in the race those few minutes.
James Hinchcliffe won! Picture from
 the iowa_corn instagram.

 At lap 200
We made it down to Victory Lane in time to watch James Hinchcliffe win the 2013 Iowa Corn Indy 250 presented by Dekalb. Hinchcliffe reeled his car in, and there I was, 15ft away from the Iowa Corn Indy 250 Winner, along with his pit crew! I got some great pictures of the top 3 – James Hinchcliffe, Ryan Hunter-Reay, and Tony Kanaan. The confetti was flying everywhere, and this is when I realized what an outstanding day I had just had. I had a behind the scenes pass, to an Indy race that was on ABC! I took lots of pictures and was alongside professional racers, but more importantly the experience and memories are the ones that will last. Iowa Corn provided me with an experience that I can take with me and use in my future career in agriculture. I had the opportunity to see firsthand how a full staff can work together and pull through on a large project. There were so many details in this race, and everything was executed effectively. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity at the Iowa Corn Indy 250 presented by Dekalb race one that I will not forget!
5:00 p.m.- Early night sleep

Kate Sennert is the Communications Intern for Iowa Corn. She will be working on social media, blogging, attending booth/trade shows, and is doing a comprehensive state-wide farmer interview series this summer. She grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa where her dad raised hogs, cattle, corn and soybeans. She attends Iowa State University and will be a senior in the fall. She is seeking a degree in Agriculture Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. 

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