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Important Reasons for Using Biotech Crops

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM by Iowa Corn

Tim Burrack is a farmer in northeast Iowa who responds to a recent article about the importance of using biotech crops.  The article was written by Rekha Basu (“Food Prize Goes Too Far in Honoring Monsanto,” June 30).

I've chosen to grow biotech crops on my northeast Iowa farm for almost 20 years. I make this choice every year because these seeds help me deal with the planting challenges I face. I’m inviting Basu to get a firsthand look at how an Iowa farmer produces healthy, safe food in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

Instead of digging out every anti-Monsanto story you can find to support a personal bias, visit the land that I have worked on since a boy. Let me show you firsthand some of the products that are a direct result of the committed research work that was done by the researchers that are being honored with the World Food Prize this year.

Let me to introduce you to friends of mine with their own stories to tell. In the Philippines, Rosalie Ellasus can tell you how genetically modified crops helped put her three sons through college after she was widowed. In Kenya, Gilbert Bor can share with you why he believes biotechnology is a tool that is needed to feed the people of Africa.

Instead of bashing a company, take some time to do real research and ask farmers why we use that technology. We have the answer for you.
— Tim Burrack, Arlington

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