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Sweet Corn and Policy is a Good Way to Celebrate July 4th

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 6:22 PM by Iowa Corn

Roger Zylstra, Tom Vilsack, Governor Branstad,
Lt. Governor Reynolds,  Bill Northey and Dean Taylor
Sweet corn and policy- a good way to celebrate the 4th of July! Today, agriculture's political powers (U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack, Iowa Governor Branstad, Lt. Governor Reynolds, Iowa Agriculture Secretary Northey and corn farmers and leaders, Roger Zylstra and Dean Taylor) came together to talk about conservation, crop insurance and the Farm Bill on WHO Radio. Of course, the group discussed the weather, a complete 360 degree difference from U.S. Secretary Vilsack's visit this time last year.

Secretary Vilsack told WHO listeners, "There has to be movement the Farm Bill." He hoped Congress could come together- giving examples of issues that directly impact us including the support for bio based economies like Iowa.

Governor Branstad also commented that farmers this season have found a way to get the crop in and now they need something predictable in a farm bill.
Vilsack and Northey enjoying the
sweet corn! 

Both farmers and Secretary Northey talked about crop conditions and possible allowances for cover crops on ground that wasn't planted.

The sweet corn everyone enjoyed was not from Iowa because the crop is about 2 weeks behind schedule- just like the field corn crop. Farmer Taylor said the corn crop looks very different when you stand in the field.

This year knee high by the 4th of July is pretty accurate.

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