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Posted on June 24, 2013 at 9:50 AM by Iowa Corn

Young kids enjoyed planting corn!
I had the opportunity to attend Iowa State University’s Dairy Day on June 7th. All ages came out to the dairy south of Ames in celebration of national dairy month. Tours were taking place all morning showcasing the Iowa State Dairy Farm. Tour participants could see young calf barns, heifers, and the 450 head of milking cows for a total of 900 dairy cattle on the farm. Iowa State University works with the Iowa State Dairy Association and the Midwest Dairy Association to make Dairy Day possible. More than 1,100 people were in attendance this year, making it the largest crowd to date.

 Pictured above is Taylor Dukes. He is the grandson of Phil and
 Caryl Dukes of Marathon Iowa. Phil and Caryl used to travel with
my grandparents - Richard and Jane Sennert. I had never met any of
their extended family until Dairy Day! John Dukes (Taylor Dukes father)
said he was from Marathon, Iowa and conversation happened after that.
 It is such a small world!
The Iowa Corn Growers Association
along with other Iowa commodity groups hosted a kid friendly booth after the tours were finished. Theresa Fitzgerald, Marketing Intern and I, Communications Intern represented Iowa Corn and explained how corn plays a vital role in our everyday lives and the production of dairy products!  I thought the most shocking fact is to produce 1 gallon of milk it takes 1.8 lbs of corn to be fed to the dairy cattle.

For an engaging and exciting activity Theresa and I helped kids make ‘corn babies’. This project entailed a small jewelry bag, soil, corn seeds, and water. First, we planted the corn seed in their bags and punched a hole to make a necklace. The project was great for any age even if it was a little bit “corny”.  The activity sparked many questions, and allowed kids to have a hands-on activity that would soon grow! We enjoyed working with young kids and sharing more about where their food comes from.

I would encourage anyone who lives in the Ames – Des Moines area to attend Dairy Day next year; bring your kids, grandkids or just come by yourself for an inside look at where your milk, cheese, and ice cream come from.

Kate Sennert is the Communications Intern for Iowa Corn. She will be working on social media, blogging, attending booth/trade shows, and is doing a comprehensive state-wide farmer interview series this summer. She grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa where her dad raised hogs, cattle, corn and soybeans. She attends Iowa State University and will be a senior in the fall. She is seeking a degree in Agriculture Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies.

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