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Planting Updates from Iowa Corn Leaders – Thurs., May 16, 2013

Posted on May 16, 2013 at 9:14 AM by Iowa Corn

Kevin Rempp, chairman of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board who farms near Montezuma in Poweshiek County, started planting on Monday of this week.

“We’ve hit it pretty hard and are hoping we can finish planting corn by the end of this week,” Rempp says. “I estimate that corn planting is 70 percent complete in this area.

“There are a few farmers who have started planting soybeans but just a few. There may only be 10 percent of soybeans planted around here,” he notes. “There’s also a lot of spraying left to do.”

He says soil conditions are really good with the warm, dry weather this week. 

Jim Greif of Monticello says a lot of corn has been planted in his area as well. Many farmers began planting corn over the weekend but Jim started planting during this week.

“Most of the anhydrous has been applied and I would estimate that 50 percent of the corn crop has been planted in this area,” Greif says.  “A few farmers have started planting soybeans but for the most part farmers are working hard to get the corn in.”

He is hoping the warm, dry weather continues so planting can continue.

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