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Agriculture Discussions Occurring at Commodity Classic

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 2:39 PM by Iowa Corn

Commodity Classic is an annual event bringing together corn, soybean, wheat, and sorghum growers, along with businesses and the commodity groups that represent them. For 2013, the registration is reported to be growing with hallway talk of multiple hotel locations, filled trade show booths, and upwards of attendees in the thousands.

In Corn Congress yesterday, the farmer delegation reviewed expiring and new policies. Interesting debates took place on issues related to crop insurance, conservation, and ethanol. The farmers in the room see “farmer image” as growing importance among the general public and their understanding of agriculture. That same reason spurred some debates on the topic of sustainability, its meaning and how to address it from a legislative policy angle. "I hadn't ever taken into account what corn growers in other states might think. I really just looked at things from my own tractor window," said a grassroots farmer from NW IA. 

This morning in the general session, U.S. Secretary Tom Vilsack addressed the standing room crowd. He talked about the farm bill, conservation, food security and more, but emphasized the overriding importance of a budget. Specifically apologizing to the crowd and asking for legislators to "Go to Work." He stressed the growing relevance for agriculture, but the alarmingly growing irrelevance of agriculture policy. Motivating those farmers in the room to engage and promote agriculture.

As the corn delegate body takes up the latter half of discussion tomorrow, they will take the words of Vilsack to heart as "they promise to do their work, if Congress does theirs." And hopefully, those in the debate can take the information home to make agriculture relevant beyond the tractor window.

To learn more about the discussions visit, bit.ly/ZIJIdA.  

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