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CommonGround - We All Fit In Here

Posted on February 6, 2013 at 7:56 AM by Iowa Corn

Iowa Corn is proud to partner with the Iowa Soybean Association, United Soybean Board and National Corn Growers Association on CommonGround.  CommonGround is a farmer-driven, grassroots movement developed to start conversations about food between female farmers and moms to urban or suburban moms who buy it.

CommonGround strongly encourages conversations based on personal experiences grounded in science and research.  The number one goal is to help consumers understand their food is not grown in a factory, it’s grown by people and it’s important for consumers to understand and trust the process.

There are 67 female farmer-volunteers from 16 states who are part of the CommonGround movement.  Six of these volunteers are from Iowa.  Each of these women volunteer their time and share their experiences and expertise from a variety of farming practices and commodities.

It is very critical that women share their experiences because in most households, the women are the ones doing a majority of the grocery shopping and making the food decisions for the family.  Keeping these women educated about where their food comes from is important so they have the information they need when making purchase decisions.

To find out more about this program and the Iowa volunteers visit, bit.ly/VC5RXL

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