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Meet Jacob Fox - Iowa Corn Communications Intern

Posted on May 9, 2012 at 2:02 PM by Iowa Corn

This post is to introduce our readers to Jacob Fox.  He will be the Communications intern at Iowa Corn for the summer and will be contributing to the blog on a regular basis.  Join us in welcoming Jacob!

Jacob Fox, Iowa Corn Communications Intern
Growing up on a small acreage in Northwest Iowa, I never dreamed of having a job outside of production agriculture.  I was completely content managing my family’s flock of sixty ewes, following the vet around on calls, or working in my neighbors finishing barns.  I was fascinated with the processes and procedures that went into animal agriculture, and if you would have asked me on any given day, I would have told you that I would much rather work with animals than people.  This trend continued all through high school, leading up to my decision to attend Iowa State University to major in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  I was confident that was where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do.  Halfway through my freshman year, though; I had a change of heart. 
While attending my second National FFA convention, I began to bat around the idea of switching my major to Agriculture Education.  I had been heavily involved in FFA and Ag Ed in high school and I enjoyed teaching and sharing with others about agriculture, which made Agriculture Education so appealing.  A few weeks later, to the approval of my closest friends and the dismay of my parents, I officially switched.  Once second semester rolled around and I began taking my first college education courses, I began having my doubts and missing the major that I had started with.  After much deliberating, I switched back.  

As you can see, my college career has been a whirlwind of change.  Finally, after switching majors three more times, transferring out of Iowa State, starting a club, transferring back to Iowa State, countless hours of studying, the realization that I only have a year left of college, and some “gentle” coaxing from my parents and fiancĂ©e, I can now happily and confidently say that I will be a Senior at Iowa State University next fall, majoring in Agriculture Education.  The question of what I want to do upon graduation however can not be answered as easily.

Initially I had planned on teaching with my degree, but the possible careers with an Agriculture Education degree proved to be too broad for me to focus on any one for too long.  I have thought of teaching, working in extension, working for a cooperative, and even going back to animal production.  Recently, a friend decided to throw another possible direction into the mix; communications.  She suggested that I apply for the Communications Internship with Iowa Corn.  Unsure, I applied, interviewed, and to my excitement, was offered the position, which I gladly accepted.  This brings us to today, my first day with Iowa Corn.  As I sit here typing my first blog post EVER, I am still unsure if I want to work in communications (or education/extension/production for that matter), but I am excited for my summer here and whatever this opportunity may bring.

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