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Planting Updates from Iowa Corn Leaders - Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Posted on May 1, 2012 at 4:20 PM by Iowa Corn

Wayne Humphreys of Columbus Junction in Louisa County is done planting corn and has started planting soybeans. On Tuesday morning, they were getting some much needed rain in southeast Iowa. He says they received two rounds of rain over the weekend which totaled about an inch; each which was very timely. Humphreys and his son have a little more than half of their soybeans left to plant. His first corn acres planted on April 12 have emerged and are looking good.

Greg Eibs of Laurel in Marshall County has made a lot of planting progress in the past week. Nearly all of his commercial corn is planted and he has a little seed corn left to plant. He has about a half-day left. Soil conditions were nearly perfect for planting corn this past week. He received about .75 rain on Sunday which has made the soils too wet for planting the past day or so. He hopes that the soils dry out and get back to the great conditions they were prior to the rain. Many farmers in the area are done planting corn or nearly done and have moved onto planting soybeans. Eibs will start planting soybeans soon.

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