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Meet an Iowa Farmer -Jim Greif

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 9:44 AM by Iowa Corn

Jim Greif, Jones County

Jim Greif from Crop District 6 has been operating his family farm for the past 37 years. Jim believes that a common misconception farmers get is that we don't work to help preserve the land. "We live on the land that we farm, and we want it around for our children and our children's children, so we work hard to try to maintain the quality land that we have."

Jim has witnessed first hand the evolution of farming practices and says that technology has played a pivotal role in that. With GPS, and biotech crops that are environmentally friendly, farming has come a long way since Jim first started farming.

Jim thinks that farming will continue to evolve and change, and that farmers will need to adjust their practices to allow that change. "Soil conservation is something that I think we will need to look even closer at in the next 10 years. I also think yields will increase with less fertilizer per bushel as technology continues to improve." Jim is proud to call himself an Iowa corn farmer.

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