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Posted on July 25, 2011 at 11:18 AM by Iowa Corn

Deb Keller, Wright County

We would like you to meet Deb Keller from Wright County in North Central Iowa. Deb has been running a family farm, producing corn and soybeans with her husband, Gary, for 25 years. Deb believes in the importance of educating consumers on farmers and farming practices. "As a steward of the land, farmers know the importance of using efficient farming practices to protect the land, water, and our livestock. The health of the environment is crucial to the health of our business." Over the past 25 years Deb has seen first hand how farming has evolved. One of the largest changes Deb has witnessed has been the cost of inputs and farmland, and how efficient farming has become. If you were to ask Deb where she thinks farming is going in the next ten years, she would say there will be more changes coming our way. Deb believes that Biofuels and Bio Preferred products will become an ever increasing factor, and with that the potential to increase profitability. She also thinks farmers need to prepare for the possibility of having more regulations on their farming practices. Deb is proud to call herself an Iowa Farmer. Deb is currently serving as Vice Chair of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, and will become Chair of the ICPB this September.

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