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A Tale Of Two Corns

Posted on May 26, 2011 at 11:48 AM by Iowa Corn

Last fall, Iowa Corn hosted a group of bloggers from around the country for the Iowa Cornucopia Tour. Many of these bloggers thought that they were coming to learn about Sweet Corn when in fact they were coming to learn about Field Corn.  

We know it can be confusing on exactly what the difference is.  NCGA published a document called "A Tale Of Two Corns" that helps to explain the difference.  

There are two corns in the United States, and field corn is by far the most common, grown on more than  99 percent of all corn acres. While a small portion  is processed for use as corn cereal, corn starch,  corn oil and corn syrup for human consumption, it is  primarily used for livestock feed, ethanol production  and other manufactured goods. It’s considered a grain. (Believe us when we say, you will know when you grab an ear of field corn and bite into it, much less sweet and more starchy!) 

Sweet corn is what people purchase fresh,  frozen or canned for eating. It’s consumed as a  vegetable. Unlike field corn, which is harvested when  the kernels are dry and fully mature, sweet corn is 
picked when immature.

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