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Meet an Iowa Farmer

Posted on May 23, 2011 at 12:00 PM by Iowa Corn

Meet an Iowa Farmer

Mark Recker, Fayette County

We would like you to meet Mark Recker of Fayette County. He has been operating his corn/soybean family farm for the last fifteen years and not only enjoys the rewards of farming but overcoming the challenges that go along with it as well. With change comes challenges, and Mark said that over the years one of the biggest changes he has seen in farming is the advances in technology in seed and equipment, and how is has affected how he manages his operation. As we all know, some agriculture practices tend to get a bad reputation, especially when it comes to chemical and fertilizer application. For all the individuals who do not come from a farm background, Mark wants you to know, "In crop production, we do use chemicals and fertilizers. However, to use more than necessary not only could harm the environment, but also decrease our profitability as well." Mark, along with most farmers know that we have ideal conditions here in Iowa, and don't want to harm our land and environment by overworking and over applying chemicals. There is a long future of farming yet to come in Iowa and Mark sees the potential that is in the industry. Ten years from now,Mark believes that there will be many more opportunities in farming to increase efficiency, improve production, and further benefit the consumer.

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