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Update on Planting Season around Iowa

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 2:44 PM by Iowa Corn

Planting Update-SE Iowa-Dick Gallagher, Washington, Washington County-90-100% of the corn is in the ground at this point. There is spraying going on when the wind isn't such a factor, and it has presented itself to be a very successful corn planting season.

Planting Update- West Central Iowa- Curt Schweers, Arcadia, Carroll County- 90-100% of the corn has been planted. Everyone is pushing hard to get some spraying and planting in before the weather front moves in tomorrow. It has been excellent planting conditions, and with a good rain things should be looking fine.

Planting Update- SW Iowa- Julius Schaff, Randolph, Fremont County- Most of the corn has been in the ground for about a week. Replants for any corn planted around the 11-13th of April that didn't make it through the cold are taking place now. We are ahead of schedule this year, compared to the extremely wet conditions we had last year in the area. Everything is looking great and hoping for a rain in the forecast.

Planting Update- NW Iowa- Bruce Rohwer, Paullina, O’Brien County- Planting is occurring at a break-neck pace with most of the corn done. With the warm weather, some weeds are already coming out. The ground is way too dry and could use a good rain. The years planting season happened pretty quickly with the farmers not backing off.

Planting Update- NE Iowa- Bob Hemesath, Decorah, Winneshiek County- About 75% of the corn has been planted. There was a good rain here yesterday making farmers unable to be in the field today, but will hopefully be dried out by tomorrow to get back at it. There is a lot of spraying going on as well. Planting conditions have been terrific this spring.

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