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Labor, Infrastructure and Supply Chains

10/22/2021 07:10 PM

A coalition of agricultural organizations wrote the secretary of transportation highlighting their supply-chain concerns. The group stressed the need for labor, transportation and infrastructure policies, proposals on container ships, rail service and upgrading inland waterways. The letter comes as more ships continue to pile up outside of western ports.

World Wheat Faces Changes

10/22/2021 05:10 PM

This week's data releases were viewed as supportive for global wheat markets, both for the current 2021-22 marketing year as well as for 2022-23.

Health Monitoring Planned in Mead, NE

10/22/2021 12:10 PM

University researchers are trying to start long-term human health and environmental monitoring studies after an ethanol plant mishandled pesticide-treated seeds near Mead, Nebraska.

Cattle Contracts Library

10/21/2021 10:10 PM

A consensus among cattle groups that there is a need for greater price discovery in the industry is a major driver behind the Cattle Contract Library Act of 2021.

Brazil Soy Planting Outpaces Last Year

10/21/2021 04:10 PM

With thoughts of last season firmly in mind for Brazil producers, planting progress has advanced well ahead of schedule. Weather has cooperated with these efforts.

Corn King Hula Aims To Go Higher

10/21/2021 02:10 PM

David Hula's 616-bushel-per-acre corn raised the bar in 2019, on land that has been farmed since the early 1600s, but he is determined to keep becoming an even better farmer with each passing year.

Pension Funds Sue Over Bayer-Monsanto

10/20/2021 04:10 PM

A federal judge has allowed multiple pension funds that are shareholders of Bayer to sue the company over its acquisition of Monsanto and questions about whether Bayer did proper due diligence when it came to Monsanto's liabilities for glyphosate cases.

View From the Cab

10/20/2021 04:10 PM

Supply chain issues are changing how DTN's View From the Cab farmers are sizing up everything from fertility needs to what they plant in 2022.

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

10/20/2021 10:10 AM

Drastic price increases continue to define the retail fertilizer market as farmers report more problems locking in prices. The average cost of urea is 26% more expensive than last month. DAP, MAP, potash, anhydrous UAN28 and UAN32 saw 11% to 19% increases.

Farmers Embrace Bioinsecticides

10/19/2021 03:10 PM

A growing number of soybean and sorghum farmers are deploying bioinsecticides that spread a caterpillar-killing virus throughout fields to control podworm and headworm.

REG Geismar Expanding

10/14/2021 02:10 PM

Renewable Energy Group Inc. on Wednesday celebrated the start of construction on the improvement and expansion project at REG Geismar.

Job Market Leaves Ag Struggling

10/07/2021 02:10 PM

The national labor shortage has hurt ag equipment manufacturers and dealerships; the impact may change agriculture forever.

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