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Iowa Corn continues to support innovative research which strives to discover new corn uses and develop new plant research technologies.

Some project objectives include: developing bioplastics made from corn phenotyping to unlock the secrets of the corn genome, water quality monitoring and trait development to improve the efficiency of growing corn by using less  nitrogen fertilizer.

Current research projects include:

  • Bioplastic Additive- Isosorbide
    • Expand the market for corn by licensing patented technology
    • Enter into new market opportunities
    • Develop renewable packaging materials
    • Replace petroleum derivatives with renewable products
  • Bioplastic Monomer- MonoEthylene Glycol
    • Enter large volume, commodity chemical market
    • Develop drop-in replacement of petroleum glycol
    • License patented production process for use of corn
    • Produce more renewable packaging and fabrics
  • Trait Development – Nitrogen Use Efficiency
    • Improve nitrogen use efficiency in corn with patented proprietary? genes
    • Reduce impact on water quality
    • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improving Plant Productivity - Phenotyping
    • Develop better understanding of the link between genes and traits
    • Share results to benefit public and private researchers
    • Help predict and improve resilience of corn growth under different environmental conditions
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