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You wouldn’t try to fly an airplane without first having a firm understanding of how aviation works, would you? Then why would you select a seed variety without first knowing the ins and outs of domestic and international markets for corn and corn-products?

Perhaps the comparison is rather dramatic, but this much is for certain: choosing seed is an important decision that requires research so you understand what markets accept or don’t accept particular biotech crops.  

Iowa Corn recommends farmers educate themselves to see if the biotech seeds they plant are approved in key U.S. export markets. With international markets for corn and corn-products (such as Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) evolving, a full knowledge of biotech traits is vital to successfully market your corn. 

Trait approval around the world isn’t synchronous, which adds to the complication. Iowa Corn urges all stakeholders to weigh the consequences of their actions, recognize the international implications of planting and marketing decisions, and stringently adhere to their stewardship responsibilities. 

We also encourage working toward a resolution of the low-level presence and asynchronous approval issues. That resolution will ensure the protection of common interests of producers, agribusinesses and consumers around the world.

Farmers looking for additional information about stewardship can access the National Corn Growers Association's “Know Before You Grow” resources that keep everyone on the same page about national and international issues related to biotechnology.

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