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“We want to leave this land better than we found it for the next generation. As farmers, we believe that collaboration between rural and urban is the key to finding a solution that improves water quality and conservation for all Iowans,” said Gordon Wassennar, farmer from Prairie City, Iowa.

Iowa faces several water quality challenges in the form of sediment and nutrient loading. While Iowa farmers have made great strides in recent decades in reducing soil erosion, sediment and phosphorous, there is still much work to do. 

The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance (IAWA) is increasing the pace and scale of farmer-led water quality efforts. Founded in 2014 by the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Iowa Soybean Association and the Iowa Pork Producers Association, IAWA is building public-private partnerships focused on implementing water quality solutions. The organization works with farmers and partners to drive the adoption of conservation practices and other innovations that will improve water quality. 

  • Priority Watersheds Works to bolster existing watershed activities by providing funding, outreach guidance, watershed planning and conservation expertise. 
  • Conservation – Works with farmers to drive adoption of conservation practices that improve water quality. 
  • Outreach – Works to strengthen and expand the water quality community of voices in a way that supports faster adoption of practices and innovations that lead to improved water quality, while sharing accurate information with the public. 
  • Fundraising – Works to generate funding from federal, state and private entities. 

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