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Farmer to Farmer Conservation Insights

​​​​​​Click on areas in the map below to hear from Iowa corn farmers who are using conservation practices to improve soil health and our state’s water quality. 

Join the Iowa Corn Stewardship Advocate Program 

Iowa corn farmers and landowners are invited to join the Iowa Corn Stewardship Advocate program. Click here to receive updates on environmental issues that impact your farm.

Iowa Corn is leading the way in water quality initiatives 

Iowa Corn engages in unique initiatives like:

  • Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, created and funded by Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Iowa Soybean Association and Iowa Pork Producers Association, works to increase farmer awareness and adoption of science-based conservation practices in priority watersheds in the state.

  • Iowa Nutrient Research & Education Council (INREC) proactively supports the adoption of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy by bringing together nearly every segment of Iowa’s agriculture industry to help lead environmental efforts related to water quality. INREC also tracks progress made by Iowa farmers on implementing conservation practices. 

  • Agricultural Clean Water Alliance whose mission is to identify and advance solutions that reduce nutrient loss, build healthier soils and improve Iowa’s waters.

  • Iowa State University on numerous projects including the Iowa Nitrogen Initiative and the Monarch Consortium.

  • Proactively communicating the positive steps farmers are taking to implement practices on their farms and engage in farmer-to-farmer discussions and education programs.

Learn more about conservation practices and Iowa Corn partnerships related to soil health and water quality.




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