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Our Environment


Iowa corn farmers are continuing to implement conservation practices on their farms. As farmers, they also want the safest, best quality water for Iowa. Their families, like yours, drink the water and enjoy using the state’s lakes, rivers and waterways.

farmer to farmer insights

Iowa farmers are committed to making water quality and soil health a top priority. Gain insight from farmers all across the state who are implementing conservation practices on their farms.

Conservation Practices

A variety of annual and long-term conservation practices are used to help farmers improve soil and water quality. Each farm is different, so various practices are used depending on the needs of each farm.


Iowa Corn is proud to support environmental initiatives with diverse partners to help improve Iowa's land and water. 

Iowa corn stewardship advocate program

The Iowa Corn Stewardship Advocate program gives Iowa corn farmers an opportunity to stay up to date with hot topics, news events and upcoming activities. You will receive:

  • Monthly email updates from Iowa Corn's Director of Sustainability, Greg Wandrey and other experts on the topics of soil health, conservation and water quality

  • Latest information on stewardship topics impacting your farm

  • Regulatory updates that may impact your farm

  • The scoop on upcoming Iowa Corn stewardship activities and events

You also will have the opportunity to hear directly from Iowa farmers, ask questions and join the discussion about conservation in Iowa. Sign up to be an Iowa Corn Stewardship Advocate today!

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