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Warm Welcomes from the Farm Student Contest

Are you ready to share your farm’s story with all of Iowa? Iowa Corn’s Warm Welcomes from the Farm is teaming up with the Iowa Food and Family Project’s Fresh Pickings magazine to do just that. Dig out those old black and white photos and share a short description of your farm and family’s history with Iowa soil. It’s ok to be short… for now! If chosen, we will do a full interview and allow you to elaborate on your story. Not only will you be featured in the magazine that finds its way to over 20,000 Iowans households you will also have the chance to win a $1000 cash prize.

Did your great grandfather start your family legacy by milking cows, but you are proud of the row crop operation it has evolved into today? Do your childhood memories include riding in the combine with your dad and bringing meals to the field with your grandmother? Did your best friend live on an Iowa farm and you have memories of baling hay, picking up rocks or other fun jobs on the farm? Maybe you are lucky enough to grow up a farm kid and are excited to enter the agriculture industry in your nest step after graduation! No matter your story we want to hear it and how proud you are of your Iowa agricultural roots. Learn how to enter below!

How to Enter:

  • Submit a 550-word or less essay including the history of your family farm and farm story. We want to hear about your roots, who’s involved with the farming operation, past involvement, and why Iowa ag is important to you.

  • Photo submission is encouraged and highly recommended! If possible, we would love to see farm photos from any and all generations.

  • Email your submission to by April 30th.

What You Win:

  • $1,000 Scholarship 

  • You and your family farm will be featured in the Fresh Pickings Magazine. This is your chance to share your family's story and all about your agriculture roots with all of Iowa and put a face to the Iowa farmer!

Who Can submit

  • Any enrolled student ranging from a high school senior to college senior.

  • You do not have to be an Iowa Corn member to apply. But if you are interested in receiving Iowa Corn Student Member benefits and standing with 7,500 other Iowa farmers click here to join! 


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