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September Celebrates Corn Month

September 17, 2015

Corn Month has officially arrived! In Iowa, September is known as Corn Month and this month is used to promote our versatile product. As farmers begin to make their way into fields for harvest, we use this opportunity to showcase the remarkable resource that is attributed to the livelihood of so many Iowans.

Corn is used in more than 4,000 products that we use every day and can be found in any grocery store. It’s in the makeup we put on in the morning, the fuel we put in our cars to power us to work and the steak we eat for dinner. The power of corn goes far beyond the fields of Iowa and we invite you to learn more about how this crop powers the world.  Iowa Corn has many resources available for learning more about Iowa’s most popular crop and information can be found by visiting our website at:

Corn Month has also been officially declared by Governor Terry Branstad and his signing of the corn month proclamation on Tuesday, September, 15th.

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