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Sen. Tim Scott Lays Out Clear, Complete Biofuels Vision

November 8, 2023

Of the presidential candidates campaigning in Iowa for the Republican nomination, Sen. Tim Scott is the first to take a positive position on all eight topics vital to the future of Iowa farmers and biofuels producers.

“IRFA members thank Sen. Scott for taking the time to travel across Iowa, tour a biofuels plant, and talk with farmers,” stated Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Vice President Brad Wilson, the president/general manager of the Western Iowa Energy biodiesel plant. “Scott clearly understands the importance of biofuels for the future of agriculture and rural America.”

“Iowa’s soybean growers and biodiesel producers appreciate Sen. Scott’s expressed support for federal policy priorities that are crucial to continued growth of our markets,” said Grant Kimberley, Senior Director of Market Development for Iowa Soybean Association and Executive Director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board. “We applaud Sen. Scott for taking the lead in recognizing the contribution our industry makes to Iowa’s economic health and to the incomes of farm families across the state. The biodiesel/soybean industry adds 13 percent the net market value of Iowa and the United States soybeans and supports opportunities for over 7,200 Iowa workers and voters.”

“Presidential candidate Tim Scott acknowledging the benefits of ethanol and the areas in which we can improve market access, is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Iowa Corn Growers Association President Jolene Riessen. “Ethanol provides Iowans with an avenue of economic growth and impact nationwide and as corn farmers, we want to know our next president has our back when it comes to this sustainable, homegrown fuel option.”

Just as Iowa is home to first-in-the-nation caucuses, it is also the leading state in biofuel production. In 2022, Iowa produced 4.5 billion gallons of ethanol and 349 million gallons of biodiesel. Those production levels accounted for nearly $7.2 billion of Iowa’s gross domestic product, generated $3.5 billion of income for Iowa households and supported more than 57,000 jobs throughout the Iowa economy.

Currently, all Republican candidates who are actively campaigning in Iowa support a growing role for biofuels and a permanent national year-round E15 fix, while opposing laws and regulations that directly or indirectly mandate electric vehicle (EV) purchases. Information on all eight priority issues can be found at:

“While Sen. Scott deserves due credit for being first, there is plenty of time for other candidates to join him in supporting pro-biofuels positions that enhance American energy security and support good paying Iowa jobs,” said Wilson.

Biofuels Vision 2024 is tracking candidates’ stances on eight issues vital to the future of biofuels and the Iowa economy. The coalition does not endorse or rank candidates. Stay up to date by following @BiofuelsVision on X, previously known as Twitter. For more information about Biofuels Vision 2024, including background on the priority issues and an updated candidate position tracker, visit

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