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Seeds of Change Award

January 21, 2019

Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) congratulates the five dedicated leaders, including the couple that are ICGA members, in soil health as they received the “Seeds of Change” awards and were recognized during a ceremony held at the 2019 Soil Health Summit in St. Louis on January 15 and 16.  The awards were created to identify partners who are committed to soil health. Each recipient has demonstrated excellent voluntary efforts to help keep our soils healthy. The recipients are: Brian Ryberg, Deb Gangwish, Bryce Kujawa, Brian Martin and John and Joan Maxwell.

Exceptional Educators: John and Joan Maxwell, ICGA members from Donahue, Iowa. The Maxwells take the initiative to tell the story of what’s happening on their farm to anyone and everyone, from local kindergarten students to visitors from Brazil. They love to share how a successful dairy and crop farm can sustainability feed the growing population while caring for the land. John is a strong advocate for the Soil Health Partnership and has been featured in print and television news.

This is just one of many examples of how ICGA members are leading the way on Iowa’s soil quality efforts. ICGA also offers its members a monthly Stewardship Advocate e-newsletter to help them stay up-to-date with news and events related to their farms. The program features monthly updates from Iowa Corn Sustainable Program Manager, Ben Gleason, and other experts on the topics of soil health, conservation and water quality.

About the Soil Health Partnership
The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is a farmer-led initiative that fosters transformation in agriculture through improved soil health, benefiting both farmer profitability and the environment. With more than 140 working farms enrolled in 14 states, the SHP tests, measures and advances progressive farm management practices that will enhance sustainability and farm economics for generations to come. SHP brings together broad and diverse partners to work towards common goals.

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