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RFS “Set” Rule Proposal Sets Course for Biofuels Growth and Stability

December 1, 2022

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the proposed renewable fuel volume requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2023, 2024 and 2025. The RFS has been one of the most effective energy policies in our nation’s history. The annual growth for renewable fuels like ethanol contained in today’s proposal provides stability in the marketplace and sets a course for greater consumer access to cleaner burning, homegrown, affordable fuel options at the pump.

“Today’s proposed increase in biofuel volumes is a win for drivers, a win for farmers, and a win for the environment,” stated Denny Friest, Iowa Corn Growers Association President. “The stability and certainty provided by today’s proposal sends a positive signal to corn growers and establishes a firm foundation to build on for even greater growth in higher biofuel blends through the Next Generation Fuels Act.”

For 2023, EPA’s proposal includes an implied 15 billion gallons for conventional ethanol, which increases to 15.25 billion gallons for both 2024 and 2025. EPA also followed through on proposing to restore the remaining 250 million gallons from a prior court decision for 2023.

“Today, Iowa flex fuel vehicle owners have the opportunity to fill up with E85 for as low as $1.81 per gallon, showcasing the most affordable, climate-friendly solution on the marketCost-saving, carbon-reducing options like E85 and E15 will become even more readily available if today’s proposed volumes are finalized,” added Friest. Moving forward, ICGA will submit comments to the EPA on the proposal to ensure our farmer’s voices are heard as we continue to strive for more options of higher ethanol blends at the pump.

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