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President Obama Signs Trade Promotion Authority Act, Increase Trade Opportunities

June 29, 2015

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) will soon begin to help shape the U.S.’ ability to complete international trade negotiations. On Monday, June 29th, President Obama signed the bill into law. TPA is legislation that gives the President authority to submit trade agreements to Congress for an up-or-down vote without amendments. It also ensures important stakeholder input into trade negotiations and Congressional oversight. TPA had previously expired in 2007 and the Obama administration had been seeking its renewal.

The passage of TPA is a victory for farmers and corn growers across the nation. With it, the U.S. will be able to complete negotiations with Japan and other pacific-rim countries under the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Agriculture exports support over one million jobs and every export creates an additional $1.27 in business activity. With over 95% of consumers living outside of the United States, the future of American agriculture is dependent on the ability to sell to foreign markets.

“TPA also helps us both efficiently and effectively extract the best deals possible from our trading partners. From eliminating tariffs, to addressing sanitary and non- sanitary trade barriers, TPA defines negotiating parameters that other countries know will have to be met in order for the agreement to be supported by Congress. It also protects Congress’ oversight authority by mandating specific and extensive consultations with the Executive Branch before, during, and after trade negotiations, “said Iowa Corn Growers Association President, Jerry Mohr.

Mohr also went on to say that, “Iowa Corn would like to thank President Obama, Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst, Congressman Blum, Congressman King, and Congressman Young for their support of TPA and Iowa’s farmers.”


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