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Larry and Bunny Buss Awarded Iowa Master Farmer

March 26, 2019

Larry and Bunny Buss of Logan, Iowa are among the newly awarded Iowa Master Farmer Class of 2019. Larry currently serves as an Iowa Corn Promotion Board® Director representing district four, chair of the Grassroots Network, Membership and Checkoff and active in the Iowa Corn Growers Association®. He is also president of the Harrison/Crawford County Corn Growers Association, a National Corn Growers Association Risk Management Action Team Member, US Grains Council Middle/East Africa and a member of the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program Implementation Team.

Alongside his wife, Bunny and their two sons, Troy and Jason, Buss has been farming for over 45 years while continuously making improvements to the land his family operates. Dealing with many different soil types on the farm, Larry and Bunny understand the importance of soil management. They have been no-till farming for 33 years and implement the use of cover crops and other conservation practices.

“Reducing erosion and increasing water infiltration, improving drainage, and enhancing soil health have always been a focus for us,” Buss says in an interview with Wallaces Farmer.

The Iowa Master Farmer Award was started by Henry A. Wallace in 1926 to highlight farmers demonstrating outstanding management of their farming operations and community involvement.  The 83rd class will be honored at the annual awards day at the end of March.

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