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Iowa Needs To Hold On To The Field Of Dreams And To The RFS

January 29, 2016

Days before the fast approaching Iowa caucus, the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) held a press conference for media to discuss the importance of ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard to the state of Iowa and all Americans.

A few issues have become strikingly clear for Iowa corn farmers around the state. The general misunderstanding of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for market access for renewable fuels to provide choices at the pump for consumers and how imperative it is to the foundation of rural America are issues close to the hearts of Iowa’s corn farmers.

The ripple effects of dismantling the RFS could have devastating effects on the environment, our nation’s employment rate and the stability of our nation’s farmers.  ICGA president Bob Hemesath gave personal statements on the importance of corn ethanol and why supporting a candidate that supports the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is imperative for the future of Iowa and the nation as whole. “The RFS matters because agriculture became an industry that was thriving again,” stated Hemesath. “Young people were coming back to Iowa and the farm. If we hadn’t had the opportunities to revitalize our farms and invest in our business, my nephew would not have been able to come back and farm with us.”

One point that ICGA President Bob Hemesath drove home was the fact that there will be no field of dreams for Iowa without ethanol. Ethanol has a history of providing new jobs, stabilizing the economy and offering a homegrown, renewable fuel for American consumers. “There are 12 candidates that support the RFS to choose from in the caucus on February, 1st,” said Hemesath. In his closing remarks, Hemesath urged Iowans to support a candidate that supports America. “Agriculture and ethanol do not matter for only Iowa in this presidential election. Please go out and caucus for a candidate that supports the RFS.”

For more information on the RFS, please visit iowacorn.org/en/ethanol/renewable_fuel_standard.


The Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) is an 8,000-member strong grassroots-driven organization, headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, serving members across the state, and lobbying on agricultural issues on behalf of its farmer members to create opportunities for long-term Iowa corn grower profitability. For more information, visit iowacorn.org.

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