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Iowa Corn Reaches Iowans with “Farmers Care About the Water We Share” Message page banner

Iowa Corn Reaches Iowans with “Farmers Care About the Water We Share” Message

June 1, 2018

Iowa corn farmers know the importance of our state’s water, it’s one of our shared resources vital to growing their crops. That’s why Iowa Corn farmer-leaders want all Iowans to know what farmers are doing to be sure the water our families drink is as pure as it can be. What better way to reach Iowans with this message than engaging people at some of Iowa’s most popular summertime attractions. Iowa Corn launched the “Farmers Care About the Water We Share” effort at this past Tuesday’s Iowa Cubs baseball game where farmers and their families greeted fans with free water bottles, having conversations and directing them to the new iowacorn.org/H20 website.

“It was great to be able to visit with people about why I care about water quality and leaving the farm in better shape for my kids,” said Michael Fritch, a farmer from Mitchellville, Iowa. “We need to continue to all work together to protect our state’s water.”

Look for farmers at future events around the metro including:

  • Big Creek Lake on Saturday, June 2

  • Iowa Speedway in Newton for the Iowa Corn 300 on July 8

  • Iowa State Fair including Iowa Corn day on August 17

  • Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series on September 8th with kickoff at 4:00PM in Kinnick Stadium

The new webpage includes a video from Iowa Nice Guy talking about how Iowans can help protect Iowa’s water quality, why farmers care about the water we share, and tips on what we all can do to improve our state’s water. Want to know more, go to  iowacorn.org/H20.


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