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Iowa Corn is a Proud Supporter of Corn-fed Dairy

June 14, 2023

Iowa Corn is proud to celebrate its support of the Iowa dairy industry during June Dairy Month. In 2022, dairy alone accounted for 20 million bushels of Iowa corn consumption, proving it a great market for Iowa’s corn farmers.

“Global demand for U.S. meat and dairy is on the rise, and that benefits both livestock producers and corn farmers alike,” said Stu Swanson, a farmer from Wright County and Animal Agriculture and the Environment Committee Chair at Iowa Corn.

Within Iowa, corn-fed dairy accounts for 5% of the corn fed to livestock and nationwide that number increases to 5.9 percent or 891 million bushels of corn. “When it comes to corn-fed products, we often don’t think about the milk, cheese and yogurt sitting right in our refrigerator, but dairy cattle are important consumers of corn here in Iowa and across the country.”

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