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Iowa Corn Growers Association Proposed Resolutions Accepted at Commodity Classic

February 26, 2015

Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) delegates joined with other corn farmer members from twenty-six states representing the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) at the annual Commodity Classic meeting in Phoenix, Arizona,  this week. Iowa’s grassroots policy process brought forth 4 resolutions that were accepted by the national delegation on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

NCGA farmer delegates discussed a variety of issues related to ethanol, crop insurance, transportation infrastructure, biotechnology, conservation practices, and farmer access to technology. The Iowa resolutions that were passed by the delegate body included:

NCGA should pursue an “act of God” variance for extreme weather effects affecting compliance regulations.

Federal jurisdiction over navigable waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act should not be expanded in scope.

Support individual and commercial access to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology as a tool for farmers to manage their farm operation for production and research. Any access should be with the agreement of the landowner and/or farm tenants.

In addition, ICGA proposed a resolution that was passed by the Iowa delegates at the August annual meeting.  The resolution brought extensive discussion by the NCGA delegates.  It has been referred to the Public Policy Action Team for further review and potential revision.

For production units that receive prevent plant benefits under the federal crop insurance program, the assigned yield for that year should be in the range of 60-75% of the farm’s current APH for the crop involved.

"In Iowa, the policy process starts with the grassroots through our membership survey and at our local roundtable meetings. The resolutions then move to the Iowa Corn Annual Meeting, and now onto national policy development during Corn Congress at Commodity Classic," said Jerry Mohr, a farmer from Eldridge and current ICGA President. "Iowa farmers are bringing concerns and policy positions that matter back at home in Iowa to the national platform.”

The new NCGA policy document will be posted at iowacorn.org/policy when it becomes available. For more information on upcoming summer policy development meetings in your area, contact the Iowa Corn Growers Association at 515-225-9242 or by email at corninfo@iowacorn.org.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) is an 8,000-member strong grassroots-driven organization, headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, serving members across the state, and lobbying on agricultural issues on behalf of its farmer members to create opportunities for long-term Iowa corn grower profitability. For more information, visit iowacorn.org.

The Commodity Classic is the premier convention and trade show of the US corn, soybean, sorghum, and wheat industries. Each year, the industry gathers at Commodity Classic to experience, learn and share information about issues, technology, and trends in US agriculture.

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