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Iowa Corn Farmers Upset EPA Grants Unjustified Waivers

August 9, 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today the destruction of more ethanol demand by granting 31 of the requested 38 small refinery exemptions (SRE) waivers from the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).  

“Granting of the additional 31 refinery exemptions are ridiculous and a slap in the face to farmers,” said Curt Mether, President of the Iowa Corn Growers Association and a farmer from Logan, Iowa. “The RFS could be one of the most effective energy policies in our country’s history, but the waivers gut the policy and destroy corn demand for farmers that are faced not only with challenges from mother nature but market destruction. It is time for President Trump to step in and uphold his promise to farmers and to the RFS.” 

The EPA has handed out an unprecedented number of exemptions to small refineries across the country, effectively destroying more than 2.61 billion gallons of ethanol demand resulting in the destruction of nearly 1 billion bushels of corn demand. Farmers expect the EPA to uphold the RFS as President Trump promised to do.  

“The damage done by the EPA to grant additional unjustified waivers undermines the RFS and destroys markets for Iowa’s corn farmers. Not only do the waivers destroy corn demand, but they benefit oil companies that have record profits. If the President allows his EPA to grant these waivers, he must direct the EPA to reallocate these gallons into the next 2020 renewable volume obligation (RVO) decision to keep in alignment with his promises to American farmers on ethanol,” stated Mether. 

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