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Iowa Corn Farmers Search for Certainty in 2019 RFS Numbers

November 30, 2018

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today the final Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) for the 2019 conventional biofuels requirement at 15 billion gallons under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“While we’re pleased to see the EPA finalize numbers at the statutory target for corn-based ethanol, Iowa’s corn farmers want the EPA to stop granting unnecessary waivers to obligated parties and not to include those waivers in its formula for determining annual volumes as required under the RFS,” stated Iowa Corn Growers Association President Curt Mether. “This intentional omission effectively cuts ethanol demand and works against the goals of the RFS program to the detriment of motorists, our environment, and Iowa’s corn farmers.”

The RFS is a federal law that requires domestic, renewable, cleaner-burning ethanol to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply. Congress adopted the RFS in 2005 and expanded it in 2007. Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) are set annually by EPA to determine the amount of renewable fuel blended into our fuel system each year.

“As corn farmers, we want to ensure the RFS continues to provide affordable fueling options for consumers, advancing America forward in its goals to be a leader in clean, renewable energy, and we have the ability to do that in America’s heartland,” said Mether, a farmer from Logan, Iowa. “Yet, while the farm economy is truly struggling, the EPA continues to hand out RFS waivers to oil companies making billions in profits in the name of economic hardship. If the EPA would simply follow the law and implement the RFS as Congress intended, farmers, consumers and our environment would all benefit.”

The RFS has been one of America’s most successful energy policies. It has spurred investment in rural communities and created high-tech jobs. It has given consumers more choices at the fuel pump. It has reduced our dependency on foreign oil. And it moves America forward as a leader in clean energy with ethanol reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent compared to gasoline.

“Iowa’s corn farmers look forward to working with our Congressional leaders, the Trump Administration, and the EPA to return certainty to the RFS program and ensure it keeps America moving forward,” added Mether.

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