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Iowa Corn Farmers Congratulate Gregg on Lt. Gov. Appointment

May 25, 2017


On behalf of Iowa’s corn farmers, I would like to congratulate Adam Gregg on his appointment to Lieutenant Governor by newly installed Governor Kim Reynolds. Adam was part of the Iowa Corn Leadership Enhancement and Development (ILEAD) Class 6 in 2014 when I served as mentor.

The I-LEAD program is sponsored by the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) and the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA). I-LEAD is a two-year program which provides Iowa’s talented men and women with the tools they need to succeed as leaders and spokespeople for the agriculture industry.

I first witnessed Adam’s leadership skills when I traveled with the ILEAD Class to Hebei, China where he served as the group’s spokesperson at a reception with key government officials. Through the ILEAD program, he was exposed to the many policy issues that impact the corn industry and agriculture. I know this knowledge will serve him well in his new role. It is good to see one of our own rise through the ranks to this well-deserved appointment.

We look forward to working with Lt. Governor Gregg and Governor Reynolds on several important issues facing our state including: passage of legislation providing long-term funding for water quality, funding for Iowa’s biofuels infrastructure cost-share program (RFIP), and full state coupling of federal Section 179 allowing small businesses and farmers to expense capital expenses on their 2018 tax returns.

Contact: Lisa Cassady, PR Manager, lcassady@iowacorn.org, office 515-225-9242 or cell (515) 443-3947


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