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Iowa Corn Farmer-Leaders Promote Policy Priorities at Commodity Classic

March 1, 2021

Iowa Corn farmer-leaders participated in the virtual 2021 Commodity Classic. The online delegation from Iowa consisted of both Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) and Iowa Corn Promotion Board® (ICPB) directors, as well as Iowa Corn farmer members serving as voting delegates and alternates. A key task for ICGA at Commodity Classic is speaking in support of policies and actions for the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) to implement and establish at the federal level to benefit Iowa’s farmers.

“Each year, the ICGA policy process starts with grassroots farmer-members through our membership survey and at our local roundtable meetings. The resolutions then move to the ICGA Annual Grassroots Summit held in August, and now onto national policy development during NCGA’s Corn Congress at Commodity Classic,” said ICGA President and farmer from Randolph, Iowa Carl Jardon.  “Corn Congress allows Iowa corn farmers to bring important actions and policy positions that are top of mind in Iowa to the national platform.”

The Iowa resolutions passed by the NCGA delegate body include:

  • Support the recognition of all government approved nitrogen stabilization products for fertilizer and manure applications.
  • Support corn growers’ involvement in the MAIZALL coalition.
  • Support the US government advocating for equal treatment of MTBE and ethanol tariffs.
  • Oppose the production of MTBE in the United States.

“ICGA delegates presented resolutions and in turn voted on these and other resolutions and policies brought forward by other corn states to NCGA,” said Jardon. “These policy positions set the framework for our federal legislative efforts and directly influence our direction for years to come.”

The new NCGA policy document will be posted at iowacorn.org/membership/policy-development when it becomes available. For more information on upcoming policy development meetings in your area, contact the Iowa Corn office at (515)225-9242 or email at corninfo@iowacorn.org.

For More Information:

Brandi Snyder, Public Relations Manager, 515-225-9242, bsnyder@iowacorn.org

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