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Iowa Corn Farmer-Leader Wayne Humphreys Elected to U.S. Grains Council Board

August 2, 2019

Delegates of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) elected Wayne Humphreys, a farmer from Columbus Junction, as a Corn Sector Director during its 59th Annual Board of Delegates meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday. Humphreys currently serves as the president of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board® (ICPB).

“As I take my place on the USGC Board, I am eager to learn and provide insights that will help build our global trade markets,” said Humphreys. “It is vital corn farmers have secure markets for corn in every form, especially during these trying times, and my goal is to help secure those international markets. The fastest growing segment for corn demand is the export of ethanol to international markets, and we have boots on the ground making that happen.”

ICPB Director Duane Aistrope also sits on the USGC Board as an At-Large Director. Deb Keller has finished her position as Past-Chair for 2018-2019, and she will now retire from the board after serving for many years. “As a corn farmer, I always knew how important markets were, but until I became active with USGC I wasn’t aware of all the intricacies involved in enabling trade,” said Keller. “I’ve come to appreciate how much the Council does for me as a farmer, not only developing markets, but also enabling trade for us as farmers. It truly has been an honor to represent other corn farmers by serving on the USGC Board,” she said. Keller is a past director of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and has served on Iowa Corn’s Exports & Grain Trade Committee.

During these difficult agricultural trade environments, USGC put new insight on emerging markets in India and Africa and focused on new opportunities for ethanol sales during the meeting. The Council’s delegate body heard from multiple speakers including the CEO of Edgewise Trade Advisers and a former USDA Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) official Scott Sindelar. “There is a significant role the USGC can play in India. India’s leaders are intent to have the country be a leader on the global stage, and changes within the Indian government could help USGC programs build demand and enable change from within,” stated Sindelar at the meeting on Tuesday.

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