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Iowa Biofuels Access Bill Ensures Iowans Have More Choices at the Pump

May 17, 2022

The Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) is excited that Governor Kim Reynolds has signed the Iowa Biofuels Access bill into law today and what that will mean for Iowans. The bill gives Iowans more access to E15, a clean-burning, homegrown, lower-cost fuel choice.

Currently, just 17% of Iowa’s fuel stations provide E15 (also labeled at Unleaded 88). The bill is expected to provide E15 access to approximately 70% of fuel stations by 2024, which means more drivers will have access to the more affordable fuel option.

Choosing E15 at the pump also has a major impact on the environment and lung health. “The American Lung Association believes that renewable alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel reduces the carbon footprint and reduces the number of harmful petroleum gasoline components that cause lung cancer,” says Angela Tin, national senior director of Clean Air Initiatives at the American Lung Association.

Grant Menke, director of market development at ICGA, says every Iowan deserves more choices at their local gas station. “The bill increases consumer choice by giving more access to E15 around the state,” he says. “Today there are about 300 stations in Iowa that offer E15. When this bill is fully implemented, we will see about 1,000 more stations offering E15.”

“The Biofuels Access Bill has been a top priority for the Iowa Corn Growers Association to keep Iowa as the leader of not only corn and ethanol production, but also in access to cleaner-burning, more affordable, homegrown ethanol,” said Lance Lillibridge, a farmer from Vinton, Iowa, and President of the ICGA. “It expands the availability of E15 to consumers, saving them an average of 10 cents per gallon, and creates additional markets for Iowa corn farmers. It’s a win-win for Iowa.”

Download the video press release here that features Tin and Menke.

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