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ICPB Discusses the Future of Plant-Based Plastics at BIO World Congress

July 9, 2019

At the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and AgTech in Des Moines, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) will present an update on Wednesday on the plant-based bioplastic, MonoEthylene Glycol (MEG). ICPB invests in research centered on developing new uses for corn and building demand for Iowa corn farmers. MEG, which can be made from Iowa corn, has potential in the marketplace because it’s a renewable, recyclable product that can replace fossil fuel-based plastics in everything from soda bottles to car parts.

“Fortune 100 companies have made commitments to use recyclable and reusable packaging in their products, but consumers are looking for bioplastics,” said Iowa Corn Research and Business Development Chair Pete Brecht. “Iowa Corn is pushing to meet both of these demands with recyclable bioplastics through our continued research into plant-based MEG.”

In 2016, 62 billion pounds of MEG were sold. It is predicted that global demand for MEG will grow at a 4 percent rate each year. If this 4 percent is captured by corn-based MEG, this could raise the demand for corn to an additional 94 million bushels a year.

“Farmers have the ability to grow more corn than consumers can utilize as food or feed,” stated Brecht. “Products like MEG create more demand for corn farmers while reducing environmental impacts and fulfilling consumer needs.”

For more information on ICPB research, click here.

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