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ICGA Welcomes the Home Front Energy Independence Act

March 9, 2022

Statement from ICGA president Lance Lillibridge 


Members of the Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) welcome the introduction of the Home Front Energy Independence Bill from our Iowa delegation. This is an important move that will provide biofuel tax incentives for retailers and blenders to lower prices for consumers, authorize cost-share funding to expand biofuel retail infrastructure across the nation, as well as remove barriers to allow greater access for cleaner burning, homegrown, affordable biofuel blends such as E15/Unleaded 88. 


Ethanol is a top market for Iowa’s corn farmers and by removing barriers to sell E15/Unleaded 88 year-round, drivers will have access to the high octane, low carbon fuel that is also more affordable. Drivers need relief from higher prices at the pump and ethanol is the solution that is available now. 


ICGA thanks Senators Grassley and Ernst for moving forward this important Senate Bill (S3787) and for fighting for Iowa, especially Iowa’s corn farmers. ICGA will continue to work on behalf of corn farmers to provide market access for Iowa corn and corn products. 

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