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ICGA Urges Bigger Role for Biofuels in President Biden’s Carbon Reduction Plan

August 6, 2021

President Biden released a carbon reduction plan for cars and trucks which includes a goal for electric vehicles to represent half of new vehicles sold starting in 2030 along with a proposed rulemaking to update fuel efficiency and emissions standards through model year 2026. The Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) is urging the Biden Administration to support an increased role for clean, affordable, readily available renewable fuels such as ethanol to achieve its ambitious carbon reduction goals.

Below is a statement from Iowa Corn Growers Association President Carl Jardon:

“The Iowa Corn Growers Association understands and supports President Biden’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our nation’s vehicle fleet, but this proposal could go much further to accelerate meaningful carbon reductions right now by utilizing the power and efficiency of clean, affordable, homegrown biofuels like ethanol. With 46 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline, we urge the Administration to embrace the important role ethanol can play as the most immediate, available, and affordable path to carbon reduction and cleaner air in the transportation sector both today and for the foreseeable future.” 

The ICGA will continue to work with the Biden Administration to broaden the opportunity for biofuels to enhance the President’s carbon reduction plan and strengthen the final rulemaking on fuel efficiency and emissions standards.

For More Information:

Brandi Strautman, Public Relations Manager,, 515-225-9242  

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