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ICGA Supports Transparency of Fertilizer Industry

November 2, 2023

The Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) has developed language to be added to the Farm Bill that would review competition and transparency of the fertilizer industry. The drafted language would mandate an assessment by the USDA of the pricing practices used by fertilizer companies and the effects of the price increase on both farmers and consumers.

“Over recent years, input costs for farmers have gone up again and again and were crucial topics at grassroots events led by ICGA,” said Jolene Riessen, a farmer from Ida Grove and Iowa Corn Growers Association President. “This assessment would provide transparency of the fertilizer market and help us understand why these increases in price are reoccurring.”

ICGA is hopeful, with the support of Senator Grassley and Ernst, this language will make it into the Farm Bill, as it would provide the USDA with a framework of variables to start a comprehensive study and review of the fertilizer industry and Congress with adequate information on the exertion of market power by companies within the industry.

“By being an ICGA member, I know my voice is being heard when it comes to legislation like the Farm Bill which can directly impact my farm,” added Riessen. To become a member of ICGA and for more information on policy development, visit iowacorn.org/join.

For More Information:

Rachel Zumbach, Public Relations Manager, rzumbach@iowacorn.org, 515-225-9242  

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