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ICGA Statement: Iowa Farmers Need Access to China for Corn in All Forms

April 5, 2018


Our state has enjoyed a long-standing and prosperous relationship with China. Iowa corn farmers have worked for decades to support fair and open trade practices because we understand that trade is a two-way street. Yet, we have operated in a tense trade policy environment with China for several years and have worked hard to diversify our customer base to create new demand for U.S. corn in all forms. 

The retaliatory actions by China did not come unexpectedly. No one doubted China would punch back with tariffs. The imposition of tariffs on U.S. ag exports will make American farmers less competitive at a time when Iowa farmers already anticipate another year of diminished income. 

Our message to President Trump and his administration remains decidedly clear. We cannot lose this market. Iowa’s farm families must not be collateral damage in a trade dispute. The impact of these potential tariffs does not hurt just one agricultural sector or commodity but threatens the whole industry and Iowa stands at the epicenter. 

Corn farmers continue to maintain constant engagement with the Administration and our trade partners in China. We remain committed to working long-term in the China marketplace. We do have a window of opportunity to reach a mutually beneficial trade position with China before the deadline for the tariffs nears. We need the administration to understand the implications for agriculture and to come to the negotiating table with China. We need policies that give farmers consistent access to markets and a level global playing field.

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