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Iowa Corn Growers Association
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ICGA Members Take Their Priorities to the State Capitol

March 30, 2023

Nearly 85 Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) members filled the State Capitol rotunda yesterday for the “Iowa Corn Day on the Hill” lobbying event. This delegation included ICGA Board, county leaders, grassroots members and student FFA members from across the state. While in attendance, corn farmer members took time to share their personal farm stories with state lawmakers.

“Our ‘Iowa Corn Day on the Hill’ event facilitates one-on-one interactions with state legislators where members can discuss and promote ICGA policy priorities and issues important to Iowa agriculture,” stated Iowa Corn Growers Association President Denny Friest, a farmer from Radcliffe, Iowa. “The dedication and engagement of our members allow ICGA to have a strong, unified voice at the State Capitol.”

As a long-standing, well-respected agricultural organization, the Iowa Corn Growers Association serves as a collective voice for Iowa’s corn farmers on agricultural issues at the state and federal level. Grassroots members from across the state are the backbone of our organization and the driving force behind our policy development and implementation efforts. We continue to work towards fair policy that protects the interest of our members and the Iowa corn industry.

If you missed this Day on the Hill event, we encourage you to contact your legislators by other means, including by participating in calls to action or attending local townhalls. To see ICGA’s full list of state and federal priorities for 2023, visit iowacorn.org/policy.

For More Information:

Rachel Zumbach, Public Relations Manager, rzumbach@iowacorn.org, 515-225-9242  

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