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ICGA Disappointed in the EPA’s RFS Announcement

June 21, 2023

Today, the EPA announced the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volumes for 2023 through 2025, bringing down the number of conventional gallons of ethanol resulting in a decrease of corn grind for the Iowa farmer.

“Iowa corn farmers are extremely disappointed to hear that EPA is reducing the RFS volumes for conventional ethanol from what it initially proposed last December. This proposal fails on all fronts in promoting sustainable fuel options available to American consumers,” said Denny Friest, Iowa Corn Growers Association President from Radcliffe, Iowa. “The EPA needs to stop disgracing Iowa farmers and their renewable homegrown, more affordable, clean-burning fuels that are readily available today. It’s time the EPA recognizes ethanol’s ability to decarbonize the transportation sector and is readily available today to do so.”

For More Information:

Rachel Zumbach, Public Relations Manager, rzumbach@iowacorn.org, 515-225-9242  

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