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ICGA Delegates Adopt Policies Impacting Iowa Corn Farmers at Annual Grassroots Summit

August 25, 2020

The Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) held its Annual Grassroots Summit virtually today where ICGA delegates set the direction for the policies and priorities for the coming year. 

During the virtual Summit, over 100 farmer delegates had the opportunity to review expiring policies and debate new policy resolutions. This ICGA policy process includes a member-wide survey in the spring, local roundtable discussions held in the summer, and the Annual Grassroots Summit in late August. Policies related to national issues will be brought forward at the Commodity Classic meetings in February with National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) farmer delegates.  

ICGA’s delegates deliberated on many important state issues impacting Iowa corn farmers, including these priority issues: 

Conservation/Water Quality – Maintain legislative funding stream for Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy 

Ethanol – Obtain and increase funding for renewable fueling infrastructure cost-share program (Iowa’s Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program) 

Livestock – Support existing regulatory framework for the livestock industry 

Taxes – Protect critical tax credits (such as Section 179 and biofuels) 

* (Listed in alphabetical order, not by priority ranking) 

“The Iowa Corn Growers Association wouldn’t exist without our engaged grassroots members who form and develop ICGA policy,” stated incoming ICGA President Carl Jardon, a farmer from Randolph, Iowa. “While it may be a tough year, we know we are stronger together and ICGA will continue to build strong policy and priorities to fight for Iowa’s farmers. We encourage all to invite other farmers to join ICGA as we work toward our goal of 10,000 members strong.”

Delegates also weighed several key federal issues:  

Ethanol – Retain the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), reallocation of unjustified Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs), and reduce regulatory barriers for higher blends 

Trade – Expand new and protect existing bilateral and multilateral trade agreements 

Trade – Protect/expand the Market Access Program (MAP) & Foreign Market Development (FMD) program funding annually, and as part of the Farm Bill 

Transportation – Maintain and upgrade our inland waterways and transportation system 

* (Listed in alphabetical order, not by priority ranking) 

Governor Kim Reynolds virtually addressed ICGA members to give a powerful message in these tough economic times and shared her strong support for Iowa’s corn farmers. Additionally, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President and farmer from Iowa Kevin Ross spoke to the virtual group about NCGA’s efforts in providing assistance and resources to his fellow Iowa corn farmers.

Awards were given to Davis County farmer Roger Wuthrich as the Local Leader Award as well as the top recruiter to Larry Buss a farmer from Harrison County for recruiting 66 members. ICGA awarded Guthrie County for their Farm to Table event as the Best County Activity and District 9 for their Corn Grows Iowa reception. ICGA congratulated the 2020 I-LEAD Class 9 as well as the Iowa Corn Future of Agriculture scholarship winners.

ICGA will release its finalized top 2021 state and federal policy priorities in December based on ICGA Corn Board discussion as well as the grassroots input provided during today’s Summit. The complete 2020-2021 policy resolution book is available online and upon request by emailing or calling 515-225-9242. 

For More Information:

Brandi Snyder, Public Relations Manager,, 515-225-9242  

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