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Farmers Applaud President Trump’s Proposal to Allow Consumer Access to E15 Year-Round

October 9, 2018

“President Trump’s proposal is a win for consumers, a win for our environment and a much needed win for Iowa’s corn farmers,” said Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) President Curt Mether. “We applaud the President for standing up for farmers, biofuels, and for following through on his commitment to allow consumers year-round access to E15, the lowest cost fuel available for the majority of vehicles on the road today.”

E15 is a fuel blend containing 15 percent ethanol and is approved for use in all 2001 and newer vehicles, making up roughly 90 percent of the vehicles on the road today. Currently, outdated Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) regulations force fuel retailers to restrict sales of E15 to flex fuel vehicles (FFV) only from June 1 to September 15, the peak driving season. Today’s announcement would remove that unnecessary quirk in regulation and allow 2001 and newer vehicles access to the fuel year-round.

“The President’s proposal not only means year-round access to more cleaner burning ethanol and market access for corn farmers, but also removes one of the top barriers to offering E15 for most fuel retailers,” said Mether, a farmer from Logan, Iowa. “Today’s announcement sets the necessary regulatory steps in motion to allow for year-round sales of E15, and this is welcome news for farmers as they go to work harvesting this year’s corn crop.”

Iowa currently has more than 160 stations offering E15 to 2001 and newer vehicles. E15 contains just five percentage points more ethanol than Super Unleaded E10, the most commonly used fuel in the nation. Additionally, E15 is often sold at a three to 10 cent per gallon discount to Super Unleaded E10, making it the most economical fuel choice for Iowa’s motorists.

Learn more about E15 here.



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